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23 Celebrities That Have Done Ayahuasca

In a world where celebrities often dictate the ebb and flow of cultural trends, it’s hardly surprising to find them exploring alternative paths to wellness, creativity, and self-discovery. One such path, as winding and mystical as the Amazon River itself, is ayahuasca—a potent, psychedelic brew indigenous to South America. While some stars seek out this experience for a much-needed spiritual reboot, others are drawn to the therapeutic benefits ascribed to this centuries-old concoction. But what exactly is ayahuasca, and why is it attracting attention from Hollywood to Silicon Valley? Is it merely a trend, or is there a deeper significance to this ancient rite now making its way into modern consciousness?

In this article, we delve into the world of ayahuasca through the lens of celebrity culture. We’ll explore firsthand accounts from those who’ve embarked on this transformative journey, and discuss the scientific underpinnings that might explain its allure. So strap in, and get ready for a trip through the cosmic connection between stardom and ayahuasca—a journey that promises to be as enlightening as it is controversial.

Aaron Rogers: The Awakening Journey

The Call for Transformation

Aaron Rodgers, the esteemed quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, took an unconventional detour in his journey of self-discovery and mental wellness. With the wise guidance of a Quechua lineage shaman, presumably in the Sacred Valley of Peru, Rodgers imbibed the mystical brew ayahuasca. He detailed this transformative experience on the Audrey Marcus podcast, describing it as a crucial milestone for his mental health, self-love, and, remarkably, his professional career.

An Encounter with the Grandmother Spirit

Rodgers went into the experience with a specific intention: to feel what pure love is. “I started deep on a journey where ayahuasca is usually described as a grandmother spirit, and I met her and walked with her through past, present, and future lives,” he reminisced. The experience seemed to be nothing short of magical for him. He felt as if a hundred hands were touching his body, showering him with a blessing of love, forgiveness, and gratitude. These hands, he sensed, belonged to his ancestors, providing a unique lens into the multidimensional nature of love.

Unconditional Love: The Pillar of Mental Health

Rodgers, once engaged to Shailene Woodley and romantically involved with NASCAR star Danica Patrick, emphasized the importance of self-love in mental health. “That’s what ayahuasca did for me, was help me see how to unconditionally love myself,” Rodgers shared. He believes that only by unconditionally loving oneself can one extend that same love to others. His newfound perspective on love and self-acceptance led him to a unique realization: “I laid there afterward on my mat and then opened my eyes, and it felt like I was opening my eyes for the first time.”

Ayahuasca and Career: A Symbiotic Relationship

What makes Rodgers’ ayahuasca journey uniquely riveting is its influence on his professional life. The four-time NFL MVP credited his transformative experience with paving the way for the best seasons of his career, culminating in MVP awards in 2020 and 2021. “The greatest gift I can give my teammates, in my opinion, is to be able to show up and to be someone who can model unconditional love to them,” he added.

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A Lasting Impact

Aaron Rodgers’ explorations in the realm of ayahuasca have left an indelible impression on his life, steering him towards a balanced mental state and influencing his illustrious career. His story underlines the potentially transformative powers of the ayahuasca brew and opens up a fascinating discourse on the interplay between spirituality, mental health, and professional excellence.

Jake Paul: A Spiritual Week Together

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers and YouTuber Jake Paul reveal that they spent a week together partaking in the ayahuasca experience. “Definitely have been doing some of that,” said Paul, highlighting a shared spiritual and introspective quest they embarked upon. This week-long affair appears to have been a deep dive into self-discovery for both.

Chelsea Handler: A Journey to Sisterly Love

Chelsea Handler’s foray into ayahuasca was a spectacle in its own right, featured on her Netflix series “Chelsea Does.” A second attempt led her to “beautiful imageries” from her childhood that reoriented her relationship with her sister. “It was very much about opening my mind to loving my sister,” she recounts.

Paul Simon: Spirit Voices

Songwriter Paul Simon was so moved by his ayahuasca experience that it inspired the lyrics of his 1990 song, “Spirit Voices.” While details remain sparse, Simon has mentioned confronting a python during his visions, making it an emotionally charged, perhaps harrowing, journey.

Tori Amos: Structured Self-Discovery

Singer-songwriter Tori Amos approached her ayahuasca experiences with intent, planning what she aimed to achieve well in advance. This structured journey, she claims, has significantly impacted her creative process and musical compositions.

Jim Carrey: The $10 Million Vision

Comic legend Jim Carrey is said to have had an experience where he envisioned himself earning $10 million for a single role. Although this anecdote comes from a shaman, breaking the conventional confidentiality of such experiences, it paints a picture of Carrey’s ayahuasca session as a powerful moment of self-affirmation.

Sting: Oneness with Nature

The Police’s Sting describes his ayahuasca encounter as one of profound connectedness. “Each leaf, each flower, each insect called me,” he wrote in his autobiography, emphasizing the deep sense of unity he felt with the natural world.

James Scott: A Life-Changing Decision

Actor James Scott underwent what could be considered a more traditional ayahuasca retreat in Peru, surrounded by native shamans. He found the experience so transformative that upon his return, he promptly resigned from his role on “Days of Our Lives.”

Oprah Winfrey: The Spiritual Explorer (Speculative)

While unconfirmed, there are rumors that Oprah Winfrey has also experimented with ayahuasca. Knowing her penchant for exploring diverse spiritual and therapeutic experiences, this wouldn’t come as a complete surprise.

Ricki Lake: A Series of Enlightening Ceremonies

TV host Ricki Lake participated in over ten ayahuasca ceremonies, describing the experience as “powerful medicine that has been very beneficial in my life.”

Chris Robinson: Opening Up All Minds and Hearts

The Black Crowes frontman ventured into ayahuasca and described it as the “literal opening up of all my minds and hearts.”

Will Smith: 14 Journeys to Self-Love

In his autobiography, Will Smith describes undergoing 14 ayahuasca sessions, which led him to profound realizations about self-worth and individual contentment.

Penn Badgley: A Profound Moment

Speaking at the Ayahuasca Monologues in 2012, Badgley called his experience in the Colombian rainforest “the most profound moment” of his life.

Miley Cyrus: An Extreme Journey

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Miley Cyrus described her ayahuasca experience as one of her “favorite drugs,” emphasizing how extreme and transformational the trip was for her.

Michelle Rodriguez: Coping with Loss

The ‘Fast and Furious’ actress turned to ayahuasca to process the grief of losing her co-star Paul Walker. Captured in the documentary ‘Reality of Truth,’ Rodriguez credits the experience with helping her heal.


From profound changes in personal relationships to transformative career decisions, the impact of ayahuasca on these celebrities is as varied as it is intense. As this brew gains more mainstream acceptance and scientific inquiry, who knows which other famous faces will take the plunge into its mystical depths? One thing’s for certain: the conversation around ayahuasca is growing, and it’s a topic that’s here to stay in public discourse.

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